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The Brain Dump

Cool stuff I've found and want to share.

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Past Brain Dumps

SvelteKit, Bun, and Developer Dad Jokes

From JavaScript to .NET, this Brain Dump is full of holiday gifts.

Vol. 20


Fake AI, Astro 4.0, and Government Spying

From how gadgets work to new tools, this brain dump has you covered.

Vol. 19


OKLCH, Vite, and .NET goodies!

Switching to a Mac this week has made me more productive than I've been in months.

Vol. 18


Angular, Copilot, and so many fonts

A new Angular release, GitHub goes all in on Copilot, and fonts are coming out of my ears.

Vol. 17


Next.js, AI, and the Worst Code Ever Written

This week we hit Llama's, Longhorns, and Battlestar Galactica.

Vol. 16


Algorithms, GitHub Actions, and mechanical keyboards

After a week away, the Brain Dump is back with some super cool drops.

Vol. 15


AI, Notion, and a multi-player code editor!?

A week of C# and how Hacktoberfest broke my heart.

Vol. 14


Raspberry Pi 5, ChatGPT, and something you never learned about TypeScript

Hacktoberfest is here and, from the Raspberry Pi 5 to ChatGPT, there's a lot of new stuff dropping this week.

Vol. 13


Mario, Dark Matter, and Electrical Engineering for Babies

The code that makes Super Mario move, JavaScript is getting array grouping, and Windows includes AI!?

Vol. 12


TypeScript, Open Source, and Dog Poop

This week I found a few TypeScript frameworks, a new AI powered UI builder, and a calendar of dogs pooping in beautiful places.

Vol. 11


An AI code editor, Bun 1.0, and tips for salary negotiations

If you're not setting goals, how do you know you're moving forward? This week I share some tips on how to set goals and stay focused on them.

Vol. 10


Astro, Angular, .NET & Visual Studio

After a week of fighting a cold, the Brain Dump still drops. Lot's of activity in the world of frontend this week with the release of the State of CSS report and Astro 3.0.

Vol. 9


Productivity, Flutter, .NET MAUI, and Node.js 20

Sometimes we all need accountability to get things done. Communities are great for encouraging and sometimes prodding you to get moving.

Vol. 8


Laravel, HTMX, and TypeScript

Struggling with code? Step one, talk to the rubber duck. Step two, step away. Step three, talk to a team mate or friend.

Vol. 7


Deno, .NET, Lightsabers, and a $21k Toilet

The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be. Who are deciding to be each day?

Vol. 6


Retro keyboards, ASP.NET, PHP, & TypeScript

Building, learning, and growing in community is so important. Especially in the context of finding new opportunities.

Vol. 5


Drum Typewriters, Open Source, and AI

Videos, streams, and more, oh my! It's been a super productive week in the BBQ.

Vol. 4


GitHub, AI, Figma, Visual Studio, & Microservices

Finally, getting over summer colds running through the house and recording some videos.

Vol. 3


AI, .NET, NodeJS, bidets, and gratitude

Gratitude can change how you view your circumstances. It's not always easy, but it's always worth it.

Vol. 2


Analog Task Tracking, OSS, & ASP.NET

A productive week resulted in a new website launch using Astro, Tailwind, Supabase, Cloudinary, and Netlify. How many more services could I have used?