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Analog Task Tracking, OSS, & ASP.NET

A productive week resulted in a new website launch using Astro, Tailwind, Supabase, Cloudinary, and Netlify. How many more services could I have used?

What a productive week! After about 3 or 4 redesigns in as many weeks, I finally released a new website at using Astro, TailwindCSS, Supabase, Cloudinary, and Netlify. Someone in the Build with Me Discord mentioned the benefits of keeping it simple and it really triggered my brain to redesign it that way. (Thanks Mary Jo!)

A fun side effect is I now have a list of topics to write/record about to explain how I implemented different features. More to come there.

Until next time, check out the cool stuff I found last week, and I’ll see you online!


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This week in the Build with Me Community:

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I’m thankful for a new job, almost 2 weeks in now, where I get to write Elixir and Phoenix.