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Raspberry Pi 5, ChatGPT, and something you never learned about TypeScript

I hope you had a great week! Last week was one of the most productive weeks I’ve had in a while, both professionally and personally. It’s made me super pumped for the upcoming week. I’m looking for some open-source repos to contribute to for Hacktoberfest. Got any you think I should look at? Send me a message on Twitter or Discord!

Are you planning on contributing to Hacktoberfest this year? I always enjoy it and wish there were local events that I could join in on. Maybe next year I should organize one. Speaking of in-person events, have you ever been to one? Whether a conference or local meetup. I normally hate traveling but I’m eyeing some events within driving distance for the next 6-12 months.

Anywho, have an awesome week and I’ll catch you next week. Michael

Interesting Finds

  • The Raspberry Pi 5 is finally here!: It blew my mind to think that the Raspberry Pi 4 was released 4 years ago. Of course, the pandemic has totally destroyed my sense of time for the past 5ish years. With PCIe 2.0 support and two hybrid camera/monitor ports, this thing looks nice!
  • ​One Thing Nobody Explained to You About TypeScript: Let’s be real. When you started using TypeScript, you just created a .ts file and started typing. Maybe the project you were working in had a tsconfig.json file, but has anyone ever thought about what that file is and why it matters? This post does the best job I’ve ever seen describing its importance and how it works.
  • ​Learn the Astro Web Framework: James Q. Quick released a great crash course on Astro via FreeCodeCamp this week. James is preparing to launch an in-depth paid Astro course, and this is a great short-form overview of the content you’ll find there.
  • ​ChatGPT is officially multi-modal: Since it was released, we’ve all been typing our prompts into ChatGPT and have been amazed at what it produces. But now, we can also prompt it via images and/or voice. Of course, using a combination of text, speech and images may produce the best results yet.
  • ​Rust Vs Go: A Hands-On Comparison: When I started learning Go a few weeks ago, one of the most common questions I received was “why didn’t you learn Rust?” I didn’t have a good answer. I’d just heard that Go was easier to pick up and there had been some uneasiness within the Rust community for a while. There isn’t a right answer, but this blog post was the most comprehensive thing I’ve ever read on the differences & similarities between the two, with practical examples of building the same thing in each language.
  • ​GitHub opens Copilot Chat to all developers: Released to business developers a few months ago, GitHub has finally opened the floodgates for everyone to use Copilot Chat. What is it? Imagine ChatGPT trained specifically for code, all within your IDE. Pick up the GitHub Copilot Chat extension on the VS Code marketplace and give it a go.
  • ​Hacktoberfest is live!: Running throughout October each year, Hacktoberfest puts the spotlight on open-source code. Submitting 4 pull requests to participating repositories during the month will get you some really cool swag, including a t-shirt and stickers.

Build with Me Weekly

This week in the Build with Me Community:

Community Content

  • After months of work, Wayne finished off his arcade cabinet built and it looks amazing!

Thankful Thursday Highlights

This week I’m really thankful that I can stop what I’m doing to spend time with Nate. From him interrupting a stream to make us learn GoDot to just running errands with him yesterday, I know these days won’t last so I’m soaking them up.


Today I’m thankful that my work understands having kids. Everyone on the incident call this morning got a good laugh out of Mojo coming in for her morning hug, in the middle of an outage.


I be thankful for sweater weather. Bring on the rains!

Mary Jo