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AI, .NET, NodeJS, bidets, and gratitude

I hope your week went well. I’m reminded of something someone told me a long time ago: “this too shall pass.” He was speaking about “times.” Having a hard time? “This too shall pass.” Things going fantastic? “This too shall pass.” The point was, no matter what you’re going through, we will all experience peaks and valleys in life. ​ The one thing that doesn’t have to change is how you respond. I read a study recently that stress isn’t necessarily detrimental to health. Most of us think differently, but this study showed that how people responded to stress could be beneficial for your health. Those who perceived a stressful situation as an opportunity for growth & learning, actually experienced beneficial health effects, while those who felt dread, anxiety, and fear experienced detrimental effects.

My kids and I talk about this often. Here in the US, even the poorest of us are still in the top 1% of the world’s population in terms of wealth and health. So, in every situation, we try to maintain a perspective of gratitude. That doesn’t mean we can’t be sad. It doesn’t mean we don’t feel anxiety or depression. It just means, in all those circumstances, we try to recalibrate our thoughts on gratitude.

Anywho, not sure how “hope your week went well” turned into three paragraphs of a gratitude rant. 😁

Oh well, I do hope your week went well, and if not, I hope the tide turns quickly for you.

See you next week. Michael

Interesting Finds

  • ​How to Use Dependency Injection with NodeJS: Developers in languages like Java and .NET have been doing dependency injection for years, but did you know it’s possible with NodeJS. Dependency Injection is a great practice that can take your development to the next level, and it greatly improves your testing experience.
  • ​NuPhy Air60: Interesting wireless, mechanical keyboard. Minimalist design that would be great for carrying on trips with an iPad or Surface.
  • Modern Font Stacks: Choosing fonts for your new site? The fastest fonts are already on your machine. Modern Font Stacks shows system fonts for every modern OS.
  • ​DotNet Jobs: Really nice job board for NET developers. Looking for a place for new roles that’s not LinkedIn? Here you go.
  • ​Scroll progress animations in CSS: Ever visit a website that had a cool animation when you scroll? This MDN articles shows how to create some really amazing effects.
  • ​A Comprehensive Guide to Deno KV: Starting with version 1.32.0, Deno has included a key-value based database. This guide has everything you’d want to know and more.
  • ​50+ ChatGPT Prompts for Web Developers: put together a really cool list of ChatGPT prompts and their outputs. I may have to try a few of these on stream.
  • ​Maintaining Your Sanity While Working Remotely: Interesting Forbes article on some healthy practices for working remotely. I’ve primarily worked for 20 years, and I definitely practice a few of these.
  • ​Elon Musk launches new company, xAI: Love him, hate him, or don’t care about him, Elon is certainly a polarizing figure. And when he makes a move into a new industry, it’s news.
  • ​.NET MAUI extension for Visual Studio Code: While most of my C# work has been done in Visual Studio, this extension brings some amazing functionality to Visual Studio Code and may be enough to make me transition to VS Code exclusively for my .NET development.
  • ​Your Personal AI Junior Developer?: Imagine creating a feature request or bug report in a GitHub issue only to have AI read your codebase, plan changes, and then submit a PR with code. Seems too good to be true? That’s the promise of SweepAI. This OSS Python project is learning to do just that.
  • ​Namae: Coming up with a name for your new project? One of the coolest name searches I’ve ever seen is Namae. It not only checks domain names, but also GitHub/GitLab repositories, Slacks, Product Hunt, and socials.
  • ​Machine Learning - Must Do Projects for Beginners: Getting started with machine learning? This blog post contains great projects to learn about different aspects like linear regression, Bayes classifiers, and more.
  • ​5 Tips to Improve Your TypeScript Code: I love TypeScript. Unless I’m building something small and dirty, I default to TypeScript over vanilla JavaScript. These are some really good tips based on modern TypeScript to level up your code.
  • ​SQLite at the Edge with Turso: Everyone is moving to the edge with functions, but how about putting your data there as well.
  • ​Tailwind Connect keynote: Tailwind’s first conference brought many new improvements to TailwindCSS, including faster builds. A really interesting update.

Build with Me Weekly

This week in the Build with Me Community:

Thankful Thursday Highlights

I’m thankful for paid time off and getting to golf again. A few pars on my first time out. Only a couple balls lost. 😆

Mary Jo

Thankful for my wife who keeps me alive and sustained as I stress about work and bills.


I’m thankful for completing yet another lap around the sun. That’s 41 laps for those keeping score.


I am thankful for Japanese washlet toilets I’ve been in the UK for almost a week, and I don’t know how people survive without them.