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OKLCH, Vite, and .NET goodies!

Don’t ask me why, but I made the switch to a Mac a couple weeks ago. This was my first week doing actual work on it. There’s been a lot of adjustment but luckily the crew in the Build with Me Discord has been super helpful suggesting apps & tools I should use. Honestly, one of the biggest productivity boosts I’ve had from it is the fact that the games I used to play on the PC don’t work on Mac. 😁

Seriously, wow! What a productive week! It feels good to finally be getting things done. I had a blast watching .NET Conf & MS Ignite this week. .NET 8 looks great and I’m really stoked by a couple of the announcements. I’ll be posting a ton of content showing it off in the coming weeks.

But back to Mac vs. PC. Which do you use? Ping me on Twitter @michaeljolley and let me know what you like about each.

See you next week! Michael

Interesting Finds

  • ​Animate your code with Hackreels: If you’re looking for a way to animate code in your demos or videos, Hackreels is a pretty nice product to automate that. I gave it a try last week and I was impressed at how easy they make it. That said, if you’re not using it a lot, the pricing seemed a little steep. Also, I’d like to see more animations that I could select from. For example, I’d love to see a “typing” effect.
  • ​Vite 5.0 is out!: About a year after version 4, Vite is back again with an update. Some major changes include being powered by Rollup 4, deprecating the CJS API, and changes to the define and import.meta.env strategy.
  • ​Introducing .NET Aspire: I’ve argued that .NET developers have a happier development lifecycle because there aren’t so many competing frameworks for everything. In addition, most of the frameworks and tooling for .NET are very opinionated, which simplifies the learning process for new developers. That said, there are tons of ways to build cloud-native applications in .NET, but in a lot of cases, you can spend as much time on managing services & infrastructure as you spend writing your business logic. .NET Aspire looks to solve this problem.
  • ​Astro + Quik: Slick implementation of using Qwik with Astro to enable resumability in your static websites.
  • ​OrbStack is containers the easy way on Mac: In my switch to Mac, some Discord community folks recommended OrbStack for containers over Docker. It has been really nice. Just comparing to Docker Desktop on my PC, OrbStack has been very nimble.
  • ​OKLCH for better color in the browser: Jason does a great job of explaining how colors work in CSS and why OKLCH is the way to move forward. Now I’ve got to find time to update all my CSS.

Build with Me Weekly

Thankful Thursday Highlights

I’m thankful for Mucinex and coffee.


Thankful my stupid appendix was safely yeeted. Let this be a warning to all of my other organs. Misbehave and this is what happens!