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Astro, Angular, .NET & Visual Studio

One of the benefits to being a parent to kids who are going back to school is that they share all the germs from their classmates. That said, forgive a brief Brain Dump this week. A head cold (or man-flu as my wife likes to joke) has me a little foggy this weekend. That said, there was a ton of stuff going on this week, so I hope you enjoy the collection of finds.

Until next time! Michael

Interesting Finds

  • ​Analog.js: React has Next.js. Vue has Nuxt.js. Where’s the love for our Angular friends? Brandon Roberts has the answer with Analog.js.
  • ​Goodbye Visual Studio for Mac: Microsoft announced that as of August 2024, Visual Studio for Mac will be retired. They are clearly pushing for those developers to move to VS Code using the new C# Dev Kit & .NET MAUI extensions that were shared in previous Brain Dumps.
  • ​Astro 3.0: If you’ve seen any of my streams, you know I love Astro and this week they released the new version 3.0. Highlights include built-in View Transitions, faster rendering, image optimization and more.
  • ​History of Windows Terminal: I’ve always been a primarily Windows user and I’ve absolutely loved Windows Terminal. This post & video about the history of the journey Windows Terminal took to becoming open source was great.
  • ​InversifyJS: Dependency injection in .NET is very common, but I hadn’t seen it used a lot in JavaScript (outside of frontend frameworks) until recently. InversifyJS is a great IoC for building solid, OOP applications with JavaScript or TypeScript.
  • ​Fast Endpoints: I recently tried out .NET Minimal APIs. I liked the simplification of route creation, but Fast Endpoints takes that to another level. It’s another way of building Minimal APIs, with similar performance, but using less memory and around 35K more requests per second than .NET MVC Controllers.
  • ​Astro announces Astro Studio: Due to launch in 2024, Astro Studio is a globally-distributed edge data platform, built for Astro. Connect any new or existing Astro project to a dedicated hosted database in seconds. It’s fast everywhere, secure, and unbelievably easy-to-use.
  • ​Rome forked to become Biome.js: Imagine a developer toolchain that removes the need for Babel, ESLint, webpack, Prettier, Jest, and more. That’s what Biome hopes to provide.
  • ​ViteConf 2023: ViteConf is coming this October. It’s a virtual conference focusing on all things powered by Vite. Registration is free.
  • ​Starship: Starship is a must-install when I setup a new machine. It’s a customizable prompt for any shell. Because it runs nearly everywhere, I’m able to customize my Powershell, Bash or other prompts to look the same.
  • ​State of CSS 2023: Are you loosing track of all the CSS stuff? Check out what others are using & thinking about the state of CSS this year.

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Thankful Thursday Highlights

I am thankful to hear changes going to happen at work today and by end of the year.

Mary Jo

I’m thankful for the awesome people I’ve been able to meet lately, including you guys.


A good night’s sleep. Been a bit stressed lately so when it happens it’s nice.