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I make content
that educates
and entertains.

Michael, with three arms. One pointing to his bald head, one pointing to his beard, and the last holding a mechanical keyboard.
  • Tigris Data
  • Vonage
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Log Rocket
  • Deepgram

Build with Me

With regular discussions around software development, hardware, IoT projects, 3D printing, and wood working, the Build with Me community Discord is a place for developers, makers, & builders to gather to learn and share. Want to engage with other developers/makers/builders?

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AI generated art of neon brain made of circuitry dripping information.

Brain Dump

Want to hear all the latest news, gadgets, and productivity hacks that Michael finds each week? Every Monday, the Brain Dump newsletter is sent with all that, plus the latest content created by members of the Build with Me community.

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