Docker, Linux and SQL Server logos on a Powershell background

Using SQL Server in Docker containers for basic tasks

If you’ve ever used a Windows machine you’ve probably experienced a Winpocalypse. You know… that moment when you need to completely re-install Windows down to reformatting the drive. Everything is gone. (Hopefully you did a backup beforehand.)

A few months ago, I experienced Winpocalypse 2019 and I’ve been very protective about what I re-install on my machine since. Applications that were commonplace have undergone intense scrutiny when deciding whether to re-install. One big target: SQL Server. Even express & developer editions are bloated and introduce attack vectors on my local machine.

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Woman working on laptop leaned against a brick wall.

Using a CONTRIBUTING & CODE_OF_CONDUCT to assist others in contributing to public repositories

It seems that lately I’ve been creating a new public repo every other day. A few have even received pull requests from other contributors. As that list of contributors began to grow I realized there were a few things that I, and probably other repository maintainers, want to provide. So, as always, when I learn something new, I write a blog post.

My goal is to explain the benefits of acknowledging contributors and providing them with contributing and code of conduct guidelines.

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Powershell code

Adding command aliases to PowerShell

If you’re like me, there are certain commands that get run repeatedly throughout your day. Between git checkout, docker {whatever} and navigating to frequent paths with cd, I’ve been wondering how much time I could save by shortening these commands and parameters.

I was actually a little jealous of my friends using bash with their nice aliases, so I went hunting for a way to alias in PowerShell. Turns out, it’s really simple!

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Header used on Bald Bearded Builder stream

Current Twitch live-coding stream setup

I am still extremely new to streaming my coding sessions but I’ve been hooked watching streams like:

There are so many more good streams doing live-coding with all types of technology. So I’ve started working a lot more at trying to get my setup just right so I could live code some personal projects and hopefully help others learn new technologies.

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Octopus holding containers and a Windows logo over a code editor.

Communication between containers using docker compose in Windows

This definitely has to be filed under “remember this in the future.”

I’ve been working on a project lately that includes an ASPNETCore SPA using Angular. It’s being deployed to multiple Raspberry Pi’s using a popular deployment tool. However, as the number of devices used by the client grows the cost of the deployment tool is becoming prohibitive. While exploring other options we landed on the Azure IoT Hub.

In production, the application on the Pi communicates with a Restful API that lives at the clients main office. However, while debugging we need to run them side-by-side. So, docker-compose to the rescue (I think.)

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