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Stopwatch set to one minute and the Deepgram and OpenAI logos

Try Whisper: OpenAI's Speech Recognition Model in 1 Minute

Deepgram has made testing OpenAI's new open-sourced Whisper speech recognition model easy as copy and paste. Try it today!

Creating Short URLs with Netlify Functions and FaunaDb

Creating a personalized short URL service using Netlify functions and FaunaDb.

Updating Notion Cover Images with Pipedream and JavaScript

Using JavaScript and Pipedream to automate changing my Notion cover image each night.

Building 404 Pages That Bring Joy

How we transformed the bad experience of landing on a 404 page into an enjoyable experience with a game.

Toolbox with Microsoft, Linux, and Apple logos

Building a Cross Platform NuGet Package

Learning to build a NuGet package by building a .NET SDK for the Deepgram API, while ensuring it's compatible with as many versions of the .NET Framework and as many platforms as possible.

Building a Discord Bot to Improve Inclusive Language

Helping Discord members use more inclusive language by building a bot using JavaScript & Fauna and hosted by Azure in a Docker container.

Picture of Michael in his office with the words Server? WASM?

Choosing Between Blazor Server or WebAssembly

What are the differences between Blazor Server and WebAssembly (WASM)? When should you use each and why?

Using Netlify Functions to Add Comments to Gridsome

Netlify provides serverless functions to process information, while Gridsome provides a Vue.js based static-site generation. In this post we combine the two allowing visitors to leave comments on our posts.

Using Apollo to Query GraphQL from Node.js

In this tutorial, we will use the apollo-client NPM package within Node.js to query and mutate third-party GraphQL endpoints.

I See What You're Saying: Sentiment Analysis With OpenTok and Azure Face API

In this tutorial, we will build a multi-party video conference that allows us to analyze the sentiment of each participant based on their facial expression. Then we'll display that sentiment as an emoji over their video.

Catepillar turning into butterfly with the .NET Core and AutoMapper logos

Using AutoMapper with ASP.NET Core 3

How to map objects to one another in ASP.NET Core 3 applications with AutoMapper.

Adding HATEOAS to an ASP.NET Core API

Implement simple JSON HATEOAS support to an ASP.NET Core web API

Azure portal with Docker logo and several Azure product logos

Using Azure File Storage as Container Volume Mounts in App Services

How to mount Azure File Storage as a persistent volume in your multi-container App Services.

Environment Variables in Azure Functions with Key Vault

Accessing environment variables from your Azure Key Vault is simple for normal Azure App Services, but a little more involved for Azure Function App Services.

Using SQL Server in Docker containers for basic tasks

Don't want to install SQL instances on your personal or work machine? No problem, because you no longer need to. Let's learn how to spin up a Docker container and access it with SQL Management Studio.

Adding command aliases to Powershell

How to make your life easier by adding aliases for commands you run frequently in PowerShell.

VS Code IDE with Octopus holding containers and the Windows logo

Communication between containers using docker compose in Windows

Using docker compose to start containers that can communicate with one another in Windows

Setting up Raspberry Pi for use in kiosk mode with Chromium

Using Chromium on a Raspberry Pi to provide a kiosk experience for users.

Burger pic with Powershell, AppVeyor, Octopus Deploy and GitHub logos.

Automating release notes with GitHub, AppVeyor and Octopus Deploy

Utilizing a custom PowerShell script to generate deployment release notes with GitHub, AppVeyor & Octopus Deploy